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That was another R.A. post from the R.A. who Xmas Present of $1400 was reduced to $1000 as being one of an eligible couple since the other half of the “Eligible Couple” is the PhD student who is eligible for ZILCH.



Saw a news article today which has now disappeared into the inter-ether so I cannot at this moment provide a citing or accurate details. The Gist of it was that at a demonstration of Bikini clad mums on towels outside a Centrelink Office was one who was doing her PhD and had been working at a part time high level job – something to do with the Courts – Neither was recognised by Centrelink as Valid Work ready Activities. One of the consequences was that she was compelled to engage in Centrelink and the esoteric Job Network’s activities 52 weeks of the year as s single Mum. Another Grand Achievement, Officialdom ! Sure will be a lot of well trained coffee makers and casual bus drivers in the coming years. Merry Xmas to all of you in the offices. One to you as well Perry.



Old Christmas has come back once more
To greet us with his smile;
To lift our drooping spirits up,
And cheer us for awhile.

He brings to us good news from heaven,
And gifts from earthly friends;
Then let us take with grateful hearts
Whate’er our Father sends.

And let no bitter feelings mar (sic)
The pleasures of the day;
But let us guard and watch ourselves,
In all we do or say.

Though to some eyes the tear will rise,
While thinking of past days;
Yet God has been so good to us,
We cannot choose but praise.

And some of us will miss the clasp
Of a dear true hand now cold,
And looking backward to the past,
Feel now we’re growing old.

Yet cheer up brothers, sisters, friends,
And let us merry sing;
For why! this is the birthday of
The Christ of God, our King.

Melinda Kendall.

(Illawarra Mercury, December 25, 1884)



To all who have provided support and inspiration during 2008, from all of us on Peter’s Research team, our thanks and Best Wishes to You and Yours for Christmas and for 2009.



As we exchange holiday greetings with fellow academics we are more deeply aware that PhD was once a ‘Qualification’ but now seems to Qualify one for ‘no response to Job Applications at Tertiary Level’ and ‘no income from Centrelink’ and drives said “Doctors” into various wildernesses. Perhaps the term Permanent Head Damage is increasingly relevant.
While I am on the subject of Australia the Educating Country, we could consider the possibility of a toilet beside each Primary and Infant Classroom or is that to remain a ‘Luxury’. Within the same building would be a start. Then again- lets toughen them up little and send them alone across vast playgrounds in wet and wind and sun and sleet. It will prepare them for their Tertiary Education Experience. R.A.



Things are warming up for Peter with the sub-tropical heat and both PETER KNOX PhD Researcher and alter-ego IZZY FOREAL are working many hours a day including a 2.30 a.m. gig wrap up at Lennox Head. The heat of the North Country seems to suit this high powered researcher.
Latest snippet re thesis is that Peter is working on the chapter comparing Melinda to other re-remembered women writers and on her life story. He now has until the end of 2009 to complete his work as he had re-enrolled part time to complete the remainder which makes him no less eligible for Newstart and Austudy than before which means he will continue getting NOTHING from the Government. Melinda thanks you, Mr Rudd, for Zilch and driving this mild-mannered researcher back into the smokey dens of the backbars of hotels to make a living in Rock N Roll at 59 years of age. Australia – the Educating Country.




ON a rainy day in Bilambil: looking out at another cool, wet day – ” Flowers bloom in my research as they do on the zucchini plants in my garden ” – says he.