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Peter is presently engaged in negotiations which are likely to see a move to the CLARENCE Area of N.S.W. He is perplexed by such academic ideas as THE POLITICAL MESSAGES IN BRITISH FOOD WRITING. However he will continue his own thesis with resolve. The proposed move to Grafton is one offshoot of this. Grafton is the location in which Melinda’s husband, Basil, died in 1852. Here are the beginnings of the intimations of her alcoholism and from this period she is left as a single parent. The CLARENCE VALLEY HISTORICAL SOCIETY is an active and dynamic network and Peter looks forward to being able to make use again of the facilities ad expertise in SCHAEFFER HOUSE. 

As a result of the publication of the NLA DIGITISATION PROJECT of HISTORIC NEWSPAPERS, he has come across further details of Basil’s extensive criminal lifestyle which he will be able to target in further research in this Land beyond the Boundaries.  



with Kel and the Canaries. 7pm -9pm or so.


Peter had an email from another former compatriot who is now driving Cabs. Add that to the possible bus driver and the Newstart recipient and there’s something amiss in the world of Sandstone.