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Peter thanks all his friends for their wishes and participation in his 60th birthday celebrations. izzys-60th-sat-022



Saturday sees Peter celebrate 60 Earth Years. A Long Way from Yennora to UOW and Bilambil. Its been a hectic year with academia being perhaps the least rewarding. The financial issues involved in completing a PhD without Government or University Support has been at times devastating and at others puzzling. It has led to much apparent time and education wasting activities such as Newstart Intensive Assistance with the accompanying shaming and humiliations.
It has also led to rejuvenation and a resurrected Musical Career as well as many adventures in worlds outside the usual framework of an upwardly mobile Academic.
Leaving aside all of the complex issues of 2008-2009, this weekend is CELEBRATION.
Saturday, Peter welcomes invited family and friends to an afternoon at Home in Linden Lea and on Sunday , an open welcome is extended to you all at ILNAM ESTATE WINERY, CAROOL for lunch and music with his alter ego IZZY FOREAL.
Peter sends his thanks and warm regards to all who have played their parts in his life and added colour, variety and motivation to the 60 years.


I am writing in reference to the treatment of my partner PETER KNOX by the SALVATION ARMY EMPLOYMENT PLUS. Peter was born 18-4-1949. He has worn his hair long since the 1960s. He holds a university degree, Masters and is well through his PhD Candidature. As a consequence of there being no payment through Centrelink for a PhD Student, Peter has been driven to NEWSTART ALLOWANCE. This has involved the above mentioned Job Network. I do not know whether you are the correct contact point for the issues concerning us but you may be able to illuminate or direct us elsewhere. Peter’s work history spans 40 years, one dimension of which is as a performer( aka IZZY FOREAL of ZARSOFF BROS ).
The Trainer at Employment Plus has required him to attend such classes as resume writing, ( despite a resume of impressive magnitude)and other activities. The concern today to me is this – the Trainer is referring him to a job interview with an international college in Coolangatta. A few moments ago, she called to ask him to wear “the Look” as she called it. To wear a collared shirt and tie AND PONY TAIL TUCKED DOWN THE COLLAR for this 2 day position. Bear in mind that this is a man almost 60 years old, from a management background, tutor/lecturer, President of the SRC, former Coordinator of the Illawarra Committee for International Students who has just completed 2 1/2 years as researcher at University of Queensland and who has never once been asked to alter his appearance or tuck his pony tail down his collar. The inference is that non-compliance would lead to loss of benefits. I had thought we had rights re appearance etc but now suspect they don’t exist anymore. Can you help us in any way? Peter has more incidents from the intensive training which I think are inappropriate and offensive.

Yrs Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite. (Distraught 59 year old who does not have THE LOOK.)